refer - Semantic Annotation and Information Visualization

refer is an annotation, visualization and recommendation system based on Linked Open Data and Semantic Web Technologies. It aims to improve the user’s and author’s experience while curating and navigating in blogs, multimedia platforms, and archives and is implemented as a freely available Wordpress plugin. For more information, please visit

A qualitative user study was performed to evaluate two semantic annotation interfaces and three visualization and navigation interfaces. All data gathered during the evaluation process is available for download:

File Short Description Filesize Wordpress plugin containing the semantic annotation tools (Modal and Inline) as well as all three visualization tools (Infobox, Relation Browser, Recommender) 1.7 MB Completed and scanned survey sheets in German and one empty example sheet in English 12.1 MB
refer_Annotations.txt All individual annotations for each text snippet by each user, all annotations by kea-NEL, and a ground truth 675 KB Evaluation results including usability scores and annotation accuracy results 2 KB
refer_UserData.csv User data 1 KB Screencast of refer including both annotation and all visualization tools 130 MB

Creative Commons License
The refer evaluation dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
The refer Wordpress plugin is licenced under GPLv2 or later.